Hello to everyone!!

It’s Wednesday again and I will be doing the WEDNESDAY GALLERY SPOTLIGHT!! But let us do something different ‘this’ Wednesday — let us feature your very own favourite W&W layout! Yup!! You will feature  one layout that you have made yourself using ( at least 80%..) W&W products! No matter how long you have been scrapping ( … you just started …for a year or two now… or maybe even longer than that…), I know there is one layout that you have made which has become your favourite, a layout that shows the best of your creativity, or a layout that you consider your ‘masterpiece’ so far. Now if you have more than one favourite…. you have to choose which one to feature. I know it can be very difficult to pick that one and only layout as your favourite…but you have to choose one!

I had a tough time choosing which one is my favourite… but since i have to come up with only one, here it is! It is one of my layouts for my project 365 (2009).

So come forward and post the masterpiece/most favourite layout of yours and put them on the spotlight!

Post your layouts here and do give us a link to the w&w gallery so we can all leave each other some love!!