Hello weedsters and especially you engaged in Project 365!

As I were flipping through all those beautiful papers in the Sweet&Simple sets I got this idea for a perfect Year 2010 photobook cover. First I decided to make it a whole-year one, one paper per month, and I only regretted it is not December yet 😉 But then I thought – some people will probably like to split the yearbook in two parts. So today here is your special Weeds&Wildflowers gift: your January to June Life365 cover, made with two papers for each Sweet&Simple sets 1 to 6 and with Cherishing Every Moment Alpha.



Moreover, I remembered that when I wanted to have an “Image Wrap” cover for my photobook the system (Blurb that time but I suppose it is the same with others) required a 1-inch border around my picture to wrap it correctly. To avoid an unnecessary distortion of the cover image I included a special treat for you – the front and back cover come separately, with 1-inch border, the original background just smoothly running over the border for a perfect result. You can download it here or clicking on the preview.

UPDATE: Kari asked in the Comments for an 8.5 x 11 version. I found this to be a great idea, so here you are (click the image to download):

I hope you will like it and don’t forget to come back in December when I will be giving out the July to December and whole year 2010 covers!