That is right, exciting isn’t it!  😉  Now if you leave a comment here and let me know what is on your W&W wishlist you JUST might get it!! I will be back tonight to pick a couple random winners to start the fun and games!!!


Hi, I am back with a couple of Wishlist Winners!!  Using the RNG with #’s 1-59 here are the results:

So congratulations Jessica and Bailee!!! You will be getting an email shortly with your prizes!!

I will back tomorrow to pick another couple winners, so keep on posting with what is on your W&W Wishlist!!

xo Gina

Hi ladies!!  It is Wednesday night and I am back with two more Wishlist Winners!!!  Using the RNG with #’s 1-108 here are the results:

Congratulations Chantel and Catherine S.!!! You will be receiving an email with a coupon shortly!!  Thanks so much for all your kinds comments and for hanging with us during the sale!!

Watch the blog tomorrow, Tee has a super cute goodie to share with you all!!! Have a great day!  xoxo!!!!