Hi ladies!!

Gina here, and I just wanted to pop in to make a small announcement, but I guarantee you will want to hear this!!  Have you heard the talk of the digitown?  Project 365 has hit the cyberstreets stronger than ever with the start of a fresh new year!  I myself attempted this huge project last year on my blog, and, sadly to admit, was not able to keep up with it during the hustle and bustle of busy life.  I have been thinking why I could not keep up, where I lacked motivation — and if I attempted to do it this year, how to make it fun and easy?!!

Well, I have finally come up with what I think will be a GREAT way to make scrapping and keeping track of your Photo-A-Day memories in a wonderfully, simple way!  Even if you miss a day or two, this will make it fun and a SNAP to do so there won’t be any stress involved!! 

The key for me with this project is SIMPLICITY and recording your beloved memories and stories. I want this year ahead to be about capturing the little memories through photos and most importantly thoughts from the heart.  It isn’t always about the big events, but it is the small ones that shape our lives.  A quiet moment with a loved one, a favorite book, drinking hot chocolate, cold medicine because you are not feeling well, your children when they are sleeping, a daily routine, a favorite nature spot.   It is simply about capturing the memories that will mean the most to us in the years to come.  I want this to be a project we are going to embark on together. 

And I am creating a KIT that will be quite different than the templates and things you see out there made for Project 365…  It will help accomplish all of this, and you will LOVE it!!  It will be a starting block that we can make to show our individual style and creativity.  A toolbox for preserving the everyday memories that may not otherwise make it on to our scrap pages because we are too busy, hesitate because we want our pages fancy or perfect, or just don’t know where to start. 

Please go read HERE  and see if this sounds like a project you want to try – and remember I have a really fun way coming out SOON to help accomplish this!!  ALL you have to do, is take a picture TODAY, or write down a thought or something that makes you happy TODAY.  Then do it again tomorrow, then the next day!  Put it in a file on your computer and I will have this kit out ASAP with further instruction!  I promise it will be worth waiting for! 

If this sounds interesting to you and are willing to try this, leave a comment here and when my kit is ready I will pick *5* lucky ladies to recieve this unique kit FREE to use with this project!  Let’s make 2009 a year to remember…together!