February 15, 2010

Journal Challenge

Monday Challenge

Happy Monday, Weedsters! Paula here and I have a new challege for you. This is a JOURNAL challange. Don’t worry, YES YOU CAN JOURNAL! This challenge is all about YOU. I want you to create a layout where there focus is on you and your favorite hobby. Tell us all about it. Why you like it. When you started. How much you do it each week. Etc. You must include ONE picture and then fill the rest of the page with journaling – at least 200 words, please.

I’ve created a layout all about my hobby of snowmobile. My and my hubby love to take our sleds out and go for a ride. What is your hobby? Scrapbooking, drawing, knitting, taking care of the kids, sleeping, tell us about it. We want to get to know you more.

Paula's Hobby

Here is another fabulous example from Suzanne:


If you accept this challenge, upload your picture to the challenge gallery here and then post your entry in the forums here to earn a petal point. For questions on Petal Points, please go here.

The CT will vote and pick one winner for a bonus petal point. Entries must be submitted by: February 28th 11:59pm. You have two weeks. Have fun weedsters and get creative!