Digital photographers have such an advantage when trying to capture a story visually compared to those using film cameras.  Back in the “old days”, when film cameras were the only way to take photos, we did not snap away as we do today.  Not only did you have to consider the cost of the film, but developing those pictures was another big expense.  Furthermore, the old cameras were not quite as fast, so they were not able to keep up with the action.

For your challenge this week, I would like you to share a story with us visually through a series of photos.  My story “tells” of a sunny day a few weeks ago when my husband helped my grandson shoot the basketball.  I could tell you about the wonderful experience both guys had, but the photos really say it all.  Such joy.

Just for participating, you can earn a petal point.  I will also choose my favorite story. The “storyteller” will receive an extra petal point.

To earn the petal point: create a page where you share a story with us visually through a series of photos (at least 3).
1. Create a layout using 80% WW Products
2. Upload your page to the WW Challenge Gallery
3. Post at the WW Challenge Forum thread with a link to your page by Monday, August 30.

I’m looking forward to seeing your stories.