Hello Everyone!!

How are you all doing? As for me, it is still freezing on my part of the world (Toronto, Canada)  but I have been seeing patches of grass/ground/soil showing lately.  there was a time last week  the templerature went up to 8 degrees celsius (when the normal the past few days was -12 t0 -18…!) and the snow melted . It felt like spring!  But we are back to the normal temperature now but less snow. I really ca’n’t wait for spring to come…

Enough of me and the weather here… and let me give you something more exciting! I will be featuring someone I have admired for a long time.  She has been with the w&w family for almost 3 years now. It was indeed a pleasure for me to get to know her better… so withour further ado, let me present to you CRISTINA!!



 You can find more of her wonderful layouts in her gallery.

Thank you very much Cristina for your time and for letting us know you a little bit better. We hope to see more of your work!