So with summer time coming up and some of us being on holidays during this time, we thought it was time for a little change around here!!! So I’m going to tell you all excatly what we’re up to and will make a special thread in our forum for anyone who has some more questions…

Starting July 1st, we will be having a blog challenge every other week!! It seems that (maybe because of summer) there isn’t a whole lot of interest in challenges. We see a lot of the same people playing and we really love those ladies for keep playing with us, but we would love it if more ladies played and we also want all of you to be winners!!

So we’re going to change the prize thing too… every lady who plays challenges or plays along with our weekly photo prompt challenge will get a reward card. On that reward card you need to collect/win 10 stamps and win you fill up a card, you’ll recieve a $10 GC to our shoppe! For every challenge played and for every PPC played, you’ll get one stamp. One favorite pick (voted by our CT girls) from playing the scrap challenges will get an EXTRA stamp on her rewards card…

We also thought of some fun new challenges… The lady who is hosting the challenge that week, will pick a theme or challenge. This way we’ll have some new challenges, wich will be different every time! The perfect way to expand your creativity and to try new things!!

To sum it all up:

  • Starting July 1st, there will be a scrap challenge and photo prompt challenge every other week!
  • We will post both challenge on the blog and will also make a section in our forum where you can post your pages & photos.
  • Every member playing challenges will get a rewards card with their name on it to collect stamps.
  • For every challenge and/or PPC played, they will get one stamp on their rewards card.
  • One favorite pick who played a challenge will get a EXTRA stamp on their card
  • We will update all the cards once at the end of every month!
  • When you filled up a card with 10 stamps, you will receive a $10 GC to our shoppe!
  • We’re going to make a special section in our gallery, where all the reward cards will be uploaded and updated!

If you have any questions about our new challenge system, you can go to our special thread in the forum here, where we will we answer all those questions…

Now, we still need a cute name for the reward cards!! So I thought it would be fun to ask all of you ladies… The name for the cards needs to be something that has to do with weeds & wildflowers… something from the garden, flowery or whatever creative natury name you come up with. It’s all about filling the cards with stamps (wich will be flowers, of course! LOL) The lady with the best name for the reward cards will get a $5 GC to our shoppe… so let those creative name juices flow!

I think this new system is going to be a whole lot of fun with all the new challenges. And well in the end everyone will be a winner and everyone can play!!! So if you’re a beginner in scrapbooking or have been scrapping for ages…this is the place to play along with some fun challenges… a way to learn new techniques/ideas or expand your creativity, we would love to see all of you play with us!

Hugs, Petra