Hi ladies  🙂  November products coming soon!  I’m just getting the 7-day pages done and a few more wordart and it is all yours!  I am also working on some new projects for 2011, so I was hoping to keep this November kit a little smaller.  Well, you know me.  Can’t keep anything small, so of course it is taking a little bit longer than I planned.  I wanted to have everything in the shoppe today, but after pulling another all-nighter and having just a little bit more to do, I am thinking it will be another day.

Thanks so much for your patience.  Next year my kits are going to be a little bit different (no deadlines!!!) and very simple and fun – you are going to love it!

So, until I can get the new releases in the shoppe, take a guess at what the color is for November, and I will pick a lucky winner to get all the November products free!!  Thanks again  🙂