thursday photo prompt challenge


Welcome to the weekly Photo Prompt challenge. This is how it will work:

Every Thursday, I will add a Photo Prompt here for the week. Sometimes this will include a photography tutorial or tip – so do remember to pop in. You can then upload your photos to the CHALLENGE GALLERY and then post a link to your photo HERE in the forum. You will collect a Petal Point for the photo you submit.

I will then select a winner each week from the photos submitted for an extra Petal Point. The winner will be announced every Thursday. You have until Midnight EST on the Wednesday to post your photos. (So this week’s challenge will close on Wed 20 January at 12 midnight EST).

How does that sound? Fun? Well here is the first one…

The theme for this week is   Black & White.

I love B&W photographs for various reasons. They seem to evoke and “old world” feel; they are classical, romantic & timeless. I love how they are able to really capture a mood or emotion. They look like works of art to me. They make gorgeous portraits and I love the contrasts and depth you find in them. Another great plus to a B&W photo is that you can use any colours with it in your digital scrapbooking. So next time you really want to use a particular kit and the colour of your photo clashes, simply change your photo to B&W!

  1. When shooting pictures in Black & White, it is better to take the photo in colour and then change the photo later in a Photo editing program to B&W. This way you still have the option of the photograph in colour.
  2. Use the lowest ISO setting possible on your camera (if shooting in manual with a DSLR). This helps eliminate unwanted grainy effects which are particularly visible when you change the colour to B&W. {Unless of course you actually want a grainy effect).
  3. If you are taking a photograph with the idea of changing it to B&W, remember to take note of shapes, sizes, lines, patterns, number of objects etc. instead of concentrating on the colour. That way when the photo is converted to B&W, shapes, lines, patterns etc. will be dominant. These lead the eye around the photograph or toward the focal point of the photo, so it is really important to take note of them.
  4. This is also a great way to practice your photography skills. To take a good photo you need to concentrate on Balance, Symmetry, shapes, sizes, rhythm, etc. and B&W photography really accentuates this (more about these points in a later challenge).
  5. Also take note of shadows and highlights and texture. These are what make a B&W photograph interesting.
  6. An overcast and shady day is great for taking B&W photos as the sun doesn’t cause harsh contrasts in your photo. Taking a photo on an overcast day in colour results in a blown out white sky and sometimes even a gloomy photo.Changing it to B&W allows the subject to pop and you notice shapes and lines more and your photo somehow looks less gloomy.
  7. When you convert a photo to B&W, play around with the sharpness, as well as the contrast, you’ll be amazed at what a difference these make to a photo. You can make an ordinary colour photo really pop by changing it to B&W & playing with your settings in an editing program.
  8. Do you want to use a photo on a layout but it’s a little out of focus, change it to B&W. You will notice straight away that it looks better. Then adjust “levels”; sharpness & contrast to achieve an even better photo. Although this doesn’t only apply to B&W photos, remember to keep slightly off-focus photos smaller, you are then less likely to notice the blur.

Well that’s my 2 cents worth on Black & White photos! Now get out that trusty ol’ camera, find a worthy subject and snap away! Then submit your photos in the Challenge Gallery.

Here’s a photo I took last week for Life 365. I’ve added the colour one as well so you can compare the two. I much prefer the B&W.


Happy snapping!