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Hi there! This week, I have decided that we need to have a bit more of a personal challenge. Something that says ‘this is me!’. So you need to take a photo that portrays something about YOU and who you are at the moment.


this is me

Once again, this is quite a versatile challenge.

PPC ideas for you to bounce around :

  • Take a self-portrait, perhaps you have just got a new hairstyle? {It’s always fun to look back at old photos and say ‘why on earth…?}
  • Perhaps you are crazy about a certain colour at the moment? {One day you may just ask yourself : ‘Purple? was I crazy?’}
  • Have you recently re-decorated a room which reflects your favourite decor style at the moment?
  • Do you have a collection of favourite things which are simply “you”? {Always good to reminisce}
  • Is there something you are passionate about at this time in your life?  Exercise, scrapbooking {need I include this?}, or some other new hobby you have just started which depicts “you” at the moment.
  • Have you recently bought a new outfit? {One day you could have a good giggle!}

So think about it and snap away. Upload your layout to the CHALLENGE GALLERY then post a link to your photo HERE in the forum. Remember you can grab a 1/4 Petal Point (you get 1 point for every 4 photos you submit). Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Happy snapping {and scrapping}!


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PS: Like that stamp? It’s from the Life365 Stamp-It element kit.