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EEEEEEK!!! It’s Thursday!! I almost sailed through today without actually realising that it’s Thursday and PPC day! The time is going by so quickly this week. I guess it’s because I have a sick little boy at home with flu and a teenager writing exams at the moment. (And the house painting is still not done!). Fortunately something in my head reminded me!

Your PPC for this week is to take a

low-angled perspective shot

In other words, take a photo from below focusing on something above you.

Have a look HERE for a definition on Low-angle perspectives. Here are also some visual examples. 

So get that camera out and snap away. Upload your photo to our Challenge Gallery and then post a link back here in the forum in order to grab a 1/4 Petal Point.


Here’s a low-angle one I took a couple of months ago of 3 vultures in a tree above me.


And below are 2 giraffes (I had no choice here but to take a low-angled photo as the giraffes are so tall! LOL!)

Olifants Sep-Oct 2009 280b

Have fun this week!

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