Hello my fellow Weedsters! It’s another Monday, another week, and I get to bring you a new Photo Prompt Challenge!! Are you ready? Well then . . .

Come on Weedsters, get out those cameras and *zoom in* on anything or anyone in your everyday life. Yep, that’s right! This Photo Prompt Challenge is all about getting Up Close and Personal!! So, focus in on your subject, now get a little closer, move a little bit closer still, that’s it! Now, snap away and show me your Up Close and Personal!! Remember, it can be anyone or anything!!

Here’s one from me, a photo of our very photogenic, and gorgeous granddaughter!

Earn a Petal Point by posting your challenge photo by Midnight (eastern time) Sunday, 8/9 in our WW Forum – GO HERE.

And speaking of Petal Points, thank you for being so patient! We’re almost done and plan to unveil the details and Petal Points cards in the next couple of days. So if you could bear with us a tad bit longer!

Thanks Weedsters! Can’t wait to see your Photos!!