Good Morning everyone, I hope you are all having a great day.

My photo prompt for this week is FRAMED.

I have been playing about with my camera alot lately and one of the things I have been experimenting with is using something in the scene to frame the part you want to be the main focus. I have tried using gateways, arches, tree branches, doorways and windows along with many other things to create impromptu frames. I have also used an old picture frame which I removed the glass from and got my daughters to stand behind. This is a really fun way to ‘frame’ your subject. Unfortunately like many teens, my girls do not like their photos being seen LOL, so I am using one of my favourite shots from a while back instead as my photo prompt shot this week.

This shot was taken through a hole in a fence looking into a park. I love the way the round hole in the fence frames the view beyond.


I have created a thread in the forum for Photo Prompts and if you want to upload your photos there to share with everyone then go right ahead, sometimes it’s nice to see what others do with the same prompt.   And you may win some fun spending $$ at the same time as we will be choosing one photo a week to win a $5 coupon!

Photos to be uploaded by midnight on Sunday 3rd March

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