Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a great day! I have a new Photo Prompt Challenge for you. This week, I’m thinking about one of my favorite things– reading! Are you a book reader? A magazine reader? A blog reader? (I know you are if you’re here reading this post!). I challenge you this week to take a photo of some of your favorite reading material. This might be a fun opportunity to get some images of current technology into your 365 book– if you use an eBook reader of some sort, you could snap a photo of that, for example. Reading material can also be a fun challenge in terms of composition– traditional books and newspapers can look really neat in an artfully positioned stack. Or, you can make this an exercise in using a narrow depth of field, focusing tightly on the title or on your favorite part of the cover art.

Have a great time with this challenge! Veronica’s rules still apply. Please upload your photo to our challenge gallery and link to it in our forum. You earn 1/4 of a Petal Point for playing along.

*****And, OH YEAH, I almost forgot! I want to give you advanced notice that next week’s challenge is going to be for a theme week. I’m going to challenge you to take SEVEN photos next week so you’ll want to check in next Thursday for details so you can get started right away.*****