Hi Weedsters!

This week’s challenge is a big one– it’s actually more like a theme for your whole week! How about we try shooting one thing this week? Some object, or angle, or time of day, or meal or SOMETHING should recur in seven photos you take this week.

I think you’re going to especially enjoy this challenge if you’re making a 365 book. I did a couple of different theme weeks in my 2009 365 book and I’ve gotta say that a theme week is a nice little idea to include. It’s a nice way to feature something that’s really important to you or, conversely, some important detail that is easy to overlook.

You might: show us your breakfast all week! Or… your commute home. Or… your bedtime reading material. Or… your ongoing craft projects taking shape. Or… the life cycle of a flower in bloom. Or… your view of the sunset. Or something else! The topic is up to you. The main goal is to shoot that same one thing all week.

The Daily Digi had a post about a similar idea a while back and I’m drawing inspiration from them– you can pop on over there to get some additional ideas.

Good luck!

Veronica’s rules still apply. Please upload your photo to our challenge gallery and link to it in our forum. You earn 1/4 of a Petal Point for playing along.