There is beauty all around…

For me SPRING is finally here.

I suppose for some of you Fall is just setting in.

Time for spring/fall cleaning.

How many of you have layouts lurking around on your hard drive that are not finished?

{please, please, please tell me I am not the only crazy one}

I actually have a whole folder of unfinished pages on my hard drive.

Some of them may just need me to sit down and add the journaling, while others need much more.  They are the ones that have been through several different versions and none of them seem just right.

{I have a real problem with making decisions sometimes, it drives my husband crazy}

My challenge to you today is dig out one of those old pages that is in the deep dark depths of your computer…

Post a picture in the forums of what the page  looks like right now.

Then when you finish it post a copy of the final version in the gallery and then link it here in the forums.

Here are a couple of examples from the depths of my computer.

This first one had been hanging around for over a year.

There are 2 versions before the final copy so be patient with me…

The second one I tried to scrap lift from this layout that I fell in love with,

but my execution was not very good.

I wanted the pictures to be bigger on the page but it just did not work out and after several hours, I just gave up on it.

I was digging around in that infamous unfinished layouts folder and decided it was time to finish this page up.

I found a template that I loved and set to work trying to salvage the page.

Here is the end result…

Isn’t Gina’s new Every{day} Life: Expressions word art AMAZING!!!

I love that you can easily customize the colors to match you page.

The next page I found only needed the journaling added to it.

The journaling was already written,

since I was redoing a page from when I first started Digi-scrapbooking.

I just had to find a place to squeeze it in.

I will not show you the original it is pretty bad…

Here is what I came up with…

Well go and start digging!!!

If by chance you are just awesome and have no unfinished pages,

go and dig up some pictures you have been meaning to scrapbook and have not gotten around to.

Have a great week !!!

Remember to get a Petal Point you have to:

1. Use at least 80% of W&W Goodies
2. Upload you page to the W&W Challenge Gallery
3. Post it in the W&W Challenge Forum with a link to your page by Sunday, May 15th