Have you noticed that the February Sweet & Simple LIFE products contain two miscellaneous pages?  The reason for that is to make an even number of pages – because with an even number of pages, your month will always start on the same side of your book.  Now, some of you may choose not to do monthly summaries, or may not even feel that a monthly title page is necessary, but you probably still want to have an even number of pages.  Or you might just want more and more pages because you love the Sweet & Simple Life system!

Here are some ideas to consider if you need an extra page to fill in for a month, or if you just want to include more LIFE in your book:

  • Did you take any pictures of yourself this month?  If not, you can throw in a page about YOU!  Maybe even do this every month!
  • Take a page to document your motivation and goals for your Life365 – What does it mean to you?  Why did you start? What do you think you will get out of it?  Is it still fun?  Have you made any changes?
  • If you traveled a lot this month, you could list all the places you’ve been.
  • If you had a very busy month, you can list all of your activities.  If you keep a daily planner, photograph it or scan it and put that into your Life365.
  • Did you work really hard on dinners this month?  Scrap about those new recipes you tried!
  • If you started a new hobby or club, make a page about that.
  • Did an anniversary occur this month?  Maybe it’s not one of the “traditional” anniversaries, but something else that is meaningful to you.  Take this opportunity to put your feelings down on paper.
  • You can make a page every few months as a quarterly review.
  • Are there parts of your life that just never get photographed – because you just never have the camera with you?  Like your exercise routine, your work commute, your morning routine because you’re just frantic to get to work or get the kids on their way, you can’t stop to take a picture!  Well, you don’t need a photo.  You can scrap about it anyway.

And with that last one, I segue into your FREEBIE:  Gina kindly made up this wordart set to use for scrapping something that didn’t get photographed:


Thank you, Gina! I was blown away when I saw what she made for us!  And this set includes both the 2010 and 2009 Life365 styles of wordart!

I love that Life365 can be whatever you want it to be – simply a photo a day, or you can expand it to document as much of your life as you want.   Even if you’re working only with the layered quickpages, I’m sure you can get creative with them to build more coordinating pages for your month!

Enjoy your freebie, and enjoy your day!