So many of us are making our Christmas list and if you are reading this, you are interested in scrapbooking! If you are interested in scrapbooking you likely like or at least take a good many pictures! Well if you want to be able to document LIFE at some point you have had to play with your flash on your camera.

If you are more than a few feet away and don’t have a good bit of light in the room you have likely been disappointed in what your on camera automatic flash could do.  Well if you have a hotshoe mount on the top of your camera which if you have one of the dSLRs you most likely do…that silver bracket up top! Well you can get an external flash to put on there and really improve your photos!!! Here is the flash I use with my Nikon dSLR…this flash does SO much more than I will be showing you here but just giving you a taste and a link in case this is something for your Christmas list! What I love about this external flash is I can point the light forward, up or behind me and do that whether my picture is vertical or horizontal AND it works TTL (through the lens) so it automatically adjusts for fill light or more depending on what the light is coming through the lens…makes for really goof proof flash photography!

If any of you have flashes like this and want more tutorials on using it more and seeing some of the neat things it can do let me know and I am happy to expand on this tutorial in the future!

OK…so for this week I just stayed in the range that my oncamera flash could reach and took a picture of my daughter against our orange wall…1- no flash 2- on camera pop up 3- external flash on pointed right at her 4- external flash pointed up to the ceiling and 5- external flash on and pointed behind me.  You will see in each picture changing the flash or direction it was pointing changed the colors and harshness or softness in my photos.  This can really help you with shadows too although this tutorial does not spotlight that.

So here is the series of pictures…

if my sweetie was in more of a picture taking mood AND we did not have Ida storms keeping us SOAKED outdoors I would take some more pictures for you as samples…but if you have a flash like this…play and come back here with any questions…you can do fun and great things with it I promise and am happy to help you get there.

Have a great day!