OK…so with our international community I know we don’t all do Halloween or Thanksgiving but figured we for sure could all use a little time stopping to think about the people, places and things we are thankful for! So today you get a treat to help jump start your fun and my mind has been going about how to use it officially on November 1st myself!


The letters for thankful are in 4×6 format so you can print them, trim off the white edges and fold them over to have a pretty front and back…then you could make a banner, use them for your table decoration or near a food display while you are entertaining.  I put them on my mantle to start but I have hopes of pulling out the ribbon and as we make our “thankful chain” adding them in the same decorating spot leading up to Thanksgiving.

The thankful chain (I will print these and slice them into strips, one for each day, then after they are written on, make them into a circle and tape or glue it shut then day 2 loop through day 1 until you have a chain of them going) we are going to have a set for each member of the family and each day in the morning each of us will write (or color) something that we are thankful for.  Instead of racing ahead to the fun and decorations of Christmas (which is what I normally do!) I am really trying to embrace fall and be THANKFUL for all that is precious around me! I hope you will join me and share as you think on those and what you are thankful for!

Please inspire us as you find nifty ways to use your thankful letters! The day after THANKSGIVING here in the USA (Fri, November 27th) I will be back to send a treat to one of you linking us up with a photo of how you incorporated the thankful word and/or chain into your November!

OH and these were made with the most recent releases from the sweet and talented WEEDS designers! 🙂 If you want to add to this you can find the coordinating goodies in the shoppe as the current new releases!