Lots of new releases and product information in store for you today.  All of these new products are on sale right now for 20% off, so hurry on over to the shoppe.  If you hang in there and read all the way to the bottom of this post you’ll find a little surprise gift from Carol (Iowan)!

Introducing.. Sweet & Simple LIFE – a simple and fresh take on LIFE 365!
Did you have a hard time keeping up with LIFE 365 last year? Was it too hard, too overwhelming, or did you just run out of time? For those of you that loved LIFE 365 but want a simplified version, Sweet & Simple LIFE is for you!

All the work is DONE for you with my new layered quickpages (each photo and white photo mat is on its own layer, some layers are flattened). To make things easy, everything will coordinate with the Sweet & Simple Page Kits, so you will have all you need to create your weekly layouts for each month. SO fast and easy!

*Sweet & Simple LIFE works great because:

All the photos are ONE easy size/orientation. This means you will take all your photos horizontally for this project. This simplifies the process and makes it completely STRESS-FREE!! (The photos are on their own layers, so if you HAVE to rotate one to fit a particular photo you can. However, these templates are designed with the photos all horizontal).

-Because the photos are all the same direction, this means the dates on your pages can be labeled ahead of time (you can even plan your whole month ahead of time!) and ALL your photos will fit into your pages wonderfully.

-Each month has a title page and a monthly summary, and each week goes by the DATES of the month (NOT days of the month) 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29-31. So there is NO confusion as to how to run your weeks, from Sunday/Monday/Wednesday, etc.

New quickpage/template sets will be available at the beginning of each month to keep your pages fresh and new, and the photo sizes will remain the same to give your yearly album continuity!

-If you want more creative freedom, everything coordinates with the 2009 LIFE 365 system so you can use all past LIFE products together as well!

-There will be coupon incentives for our LIFE products each month when you keep up on your daily photos and scrapping – a great way to stay motivated!!

This set includes everything you need to scrap the whole month of daily photos for December!  Check it out!!

Whew!  I’m glad you’re still with me.  Carol has created this fun printable for you to enjoy.

You can start your download HERE!

Stay tuned for the big kickoff to the Weeds & Wildflowers 12 days of Christmas starting this Sunday, December 13th!