Every couple of years, my daughter Nicole goes with my husband, Dave, and me to a far-flung locale.  2008 gave us the luck o’ the Irish.  Every day there, we saw amazing sites, stopped at every set of ruins, pondered each castle….  By the end of the 14 day-trip, our attitude changed slightly.  Each set of ruins was no longer quite as impressive – there were just too many!  Some ruins were amazing to be sure, though.  Each castle now marked a significant battle in Irish history, but who can keep them straight?  The sites started to run together when I went to make my trip scrapbook.  I didn’t want that to happen again.

So, here we are in 2010 – the year of Egypt.  I knew we were going to see awe-inspiring sites – and a lot of ruins.  I had intended to try to keep track of what everything is for future memories, when my daughter showed me her travel journal.  In addition to listing the sites, she took notes of the more interesting things that passed on the trip to add that special sparkle to the journaling later on.   Her notes included anything tips from the tour guides and memories of dinners – all so we won’t forget!


So, who could forget camel rides? Probably no one.  However, notes helped me remember that my camel’s name was Buttercup!


Who could forget the temples at Abu Simbel? Although this was probably my favorite site, the two temples at Abu Abel Simbel look quite a bit alike; Nicole’s notes help me tell them apart.

Who could forgetthe outstanding mezza we enjoyed, at a restaurant floating on the Nile? According to her notes, the restaurant is Le Deck.

Your mission is to create a vacation page.  I hope you took good notes, because I want to see lots of journaling or detailed captioning on your pages.

Hot tip: Do you have lots of pictures to fit on a page?  How about using the wonderful templates Gina makes each month for the 365 series. They make scrapping so easy.  All you have to do is place your pictures into the templates-easy peasy!! Here is an example from 9764 – Sweet & Simple LIFE Templates – JANUARY – 7 photo.

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I can’t wait to see those vacation pix!