EDIT: Here’s some help… since people are having difficulties with Kirstie’s and Tee’s.

My apologies! Tee is TeresaP in the gallery. Here is the link to her gallery.


An a hint for Kirstie’s… try looking for one of her LOs from the 30s. So Week 30-39. Hope that helps!

Hey girls! Alice here, bringing you a fun game!

I went through the galleries of all the site CT members and picked one fact found on one of the LOs in their gallery. What you need to do is go through each gallery, find the LO pictured below, and answer the question I asked!

There are a lot of us… so this time I’m choosing one random winner from all the correct answers… and one from everyone else who emails in at least one correct answer. So give it a shot!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I know I’m still in a slight food coma.