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New Life 365 goodies

Hi Weedsters,


Good evening everybody…Miranda here announcing the randomly picked winners of Gina’s new Life 365 goodies…..

Paint it -2 :   SteinyGirl

Signature Chalk : Noelle Holly

Congrats girls, I will pm you the coupon codes tomorrow…everybody happy Mothersday!!


Miranda here bringing you a good start of the weekend!!

Before I bring you the new goodies I first want you to know that Heidi’s full-kit ‘Flowers, Wings and Growing Things’ is 50% off this weekend…what a great sale!!

Gina just finished two wonderful Life 365-packs…

Paint it – 2  these fun and colorful painted accents are easy to throw under a photo or journaling and you have instant art! From painted frames to painted ‘stitches’ you will have so much fun putting these on your pages!

Signature CHALK  Finally at long last comes the LIFE 365 Signature Chalk! Use these various handrawn shapes to underline your journaling and highlight your titles! This pack will make it so easy to create the look of chalked layouts! Just select the shape you want (from underlining and circling to fun doodles), then stretch, erase, or resize to customize your journaling and layouts! Also included is a fun mood smiley pack!

Both packs are 20% off this weekend…..and ..surprise surprise…I am giving away one of each packs….the only thing you have to do is tell me what your plans are for Mothersday..I am really curious. On Sunday I will visit both my mother and my mother-in-law  but tomorrow I will go out with my kids, husband and dogs..we will take a long walk and will have a lunch somewhere…I am already looking forward to it.

Can’t wait to read your plans…..I will come back in 24 hours from now to post the lucky winners!

Have a wonderful weekend!






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  1. On Saturday we are going to my niece’s first holy communion and also celebrating mothers day for my mother in law.On Sunday we will have a picnic at my mom’s house.Then we have to pick up my daughter from college-they are already home for the summer!Unfortunately she works till 8pm so it will be a long night.
    and of course finish my pages for my 365 project.

  2. Fondu dinner with coworkers tonight. wedding band shopping, ship museum, and engagement photos tomorrow. Grandma’s garden planing Sunday. Yikes!

  3. My daughter is in Annie this weekend so we are running around doing that. Sunday, apparently there is a surprise planned so I am not sure what we are doing!

  4. Um, my husband hasn’t told me if he has any plans for me this mother’s day. He did mention that he got me a card. Scientists…..

  5. I’m really looking forward to Mother’s Day. I have already made a pretty card for my mum and have a little present wrapped. I have also completed a few more scrap pages for her album. We are having lunch with my mum & dad, my brother and his family will also be joining us.

    In the evening my kids are coming over for dinner and cake! It’ my daughters 2nd Mothers day so I have made her special gift also.

    You you all have a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY!!

  6. Happy Mothers Day!!!!! to all the WWMommies! wish you the best of the best and enjoy with your families!

    Well we will have lunch with my mon in law and then we have a birhtday party of a friend of Stefania from the prekinderso we are going to mcdonalds to celebrate the 6th birth of this boy!

    BACI !!!

  7. These are SOO cute!! I love everything WW!!

  8. Happy Mum’s day to all the Mums….
    My mum in law is coming over for lunch and then we are all going to my sisters to have afternoon tea with my mum and family there…. I’m making a cake today for the event, the instructions tell me its ‘complicated and takes a long time’…. it looks delicious and my mum has wanted to try it for a long time so I thought that would be nice for her.
    angela in aust.

  9. The guys are planning a big cookout for all of us mothers in the family. I hope the weather corporates! Thanks for the chance to win the new goodies!

  10. I’m going to a Mother’s Day brunch with my daughter!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I have a brunch with girlfriends on Sat. and then it’s church and dinner out with the family on Sunday. I’ll be phoning my mom who lives on the other side of the globe. Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there!

  12. We will have Mother’s Day brunch.
    Happy Mother’s Day !

  13. Sadly, I’m really sick (they’re testing for strep and flu- yuck!) And to make things worse, my husband is out of town on a fishing trip. I think my mother’s day may happen next weekend and may involve leaving the kids with daddy and having a day to myself!!!!

  14. This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother, so I’m keeping busy cooking and entertaining the rest of my family at our house. Less time to be sad when your busy grilling chicken kabobs!

  15. We’re moving on Saturday, so Sunday will be very low-key – hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill.

  16. I will be spending the day with my husband and kids. My mother lives far away and my mother in law passed away last summer. It will be a difficult mothers day, but we will get through it.

  17. We’re meeting Nana at a park to let her grandson play on the slides, then headed for an ice cream treat! Fun for all, rain or shine.

  18. Sunday we will attend church. They have asked us all to dress up for family pictures. My mother-in-law is taking her children and families out for lunch that afternoon. I haven’t heard yet what my sisters have planned for us with mom. My sweet son bought a book at the book fair and he was able to pick one book free – he got me a grilling cookbook for Mother’s Day!

  19. We have an all day soccer tournament so I’ll be out there cheering on the little ones…after a late violin concert for my oldest tonight that is. Should be VERY interesting!

  20. My family (2 4yr olds and dh) ALL have tummy bugs.. and I am starting to wonder if I am getting it as my Mothers Day gift!! I sure could use a diversion from laundry and broken nights!

    Best wishes,

  21. Today I have to go to work, but tomorrow on Mother’s Day I’m going to ride my bike for the first time with my babygirl. Can’t wait!

  22. My nephew is having his 5th birthday party on Mother’s Day, so we’ll be spending part of our day with him. My Mum is coming up for it too, so at least she’ll be with 2 of her 5 kids, and 7 of the grandchildren.

  23. This mothers day my mother and my sister will be coming over to lunch and coffee in the afternoon (hubby will do the cooking). I hope we will have a nice and relaxing afternoon with our two boys as I will be giving birth to our third boy in nearly 4 weeks and everything seems to be so exhausting to me right now… 😉

  24. I’m just looking forward to having breakfast made for me by my husband and 3yr old son – maybe the baby will help in some way too :)

  25. Really great kits!!
    My plans…it’s also my mothers birthday, so we will go and visit her.

  26. I am really hoping my hubby remembers to help my toddler do something– last year, when she was 1, he totally spaced it and that SUCKED because I walked around all day thinking they had some surprise planned for later… that never came. (so sad!) I think they’ll remember this year!

  27. I am planning to take my two children to the boat show and who knows my husband might have a surprise for me. 😀

  28. No Mothers Day plans here! It is not Mothers Day!!! – we had ours in March.

  29. We have a graduation Open House to go to and then to my daughter’s home. It will be a good day – oh yes – we will be taking my brother out to eat first so he has something to do too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. My husband brought me roses yesterday-what a sweetie. I actually celebrated last week when I went back to Omaha, Ne (USA) to visit my mom. sunday is open yet???

  31. After breakfast with my husband and 3 girls, we’re going to spend Mother’s Day with my mother and grandmother. 3 generations together for a nice day!

  32. I love the new packs! Expecially the Chalk it! I drove DH to the airport a couple of hours ago, and I plan to scrap the whole weekend since I’m on my own! :)

  33. In the UK it’s not Mother’s Day this weekend but if it were I would have a long leisurely breakfast with all the family and then go for a walk at the beach.

  34. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait – this is the one I wanted. Thanks!!!!!